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academia • dental

The academia • dental is an international school for further education. It is open for dental technicians from all over the world. Established in 2002 by BEGO, so far participants from more than 40 nations have already joined the academia program.

Its concept is unique worldwide – it is especially designed for dental technicians who already have some experience and a completed education. There are two “main courses”: Removable and Fixed Dentures. These courses are offered alternately in English and Russian language. Furthermore, special trainings are given as preparation for the main courses course content. Former academia • dental participants may continue their education in the alumni program.

Current dates and costs can be seen here: Course Dates & Fees.

The courses take place in Bremen, Germany where excellent training facilities and a team of highly motivated and experienced course instructors (all of them with master degree) are available for the participants.

The academia • dental has the goal to impart high-quality and efficient dental know-how on a very high level similar to the Master Dental Technician Education in Germany.

The road to success is education! Benefit from the academia • dental on your way to success!